ESQ Athletics

At ESQ we are committed to providing our members with a more personal fitness experience. One that leaves the athlete with a sense of purpose and drive.  Our members  feel empowered, and encouraged, they feel a sense of camaraderie.   When a member is  pushing and grunting through their last set and look as though they may give up, there will always be another ESQ Athlete there to cheer them on.  We feel honored to compete with each other, and we love to inspire one another. We take our training seriously, but we always have fun doing it!

“There are no plateaus in an ever changing workout”

Tire flips, battle ropes, sandbags, hammers, and of course kettlebells are just a few of the fun tools you will use to lose weight, increase your core STRENGTH, lose inches, and improve your overall STRENGTH and CONDITIONING.. our classes are always fun!! DON’T GET OLDER, GET BETTER! Using cutting edge equipment and techniques, you will: improve your cardiovascular capacity, increase your energy, flexibility, and overall fitness in a positive encouraging and goal oriented group setting. Improve the quality of your everyday activities like golf, tennis and  just walking. Lose inches all over your body, decrease in eliminate aches and pains, and improve your life!!


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